Season 2 Elsword Updates Coming Soon

With Season 2 of Elsword just around the corner, the free-to-play action MMORPG is expecting massive updates in December.

This December, Elsword is adding major improvements to the character creation and storytelling elements of the game. New players will no longer be dropped off in the generic tutorial area, but instead each Elsword character will have their own story-driven starting zone. These new tutorial areas will dive deeper into the lore of every character and expand upon each hero’s involvement in the RPG.

In addition to the new starting zones, Elsword is receiving a new raid boss. Perkisas is the red-dragon raid boss, who is the living incarnation of green and insatiability. Unlike other raid content in Elsword, Perkisas can be attempted by any player level 15 or over.

“Perkisas is a giver. He brings with him a completely remodeled and upgraded Raid Mode. The new Raid Mode has a new UI that displays a scoring system, reward/loot info, Boss health status and an epic ranking system for both individual Characters and Guilds. And, that’s not all, Resurrections will be unlimited! Can you tear down this platform-based (yes… we said platform) monstrosity before the 12 minutes runs out?”

Other major updates are planned for release during the holiday season, but not everything has been revealed yet.

Our Thoughts:

Having released in North American in 2011, it’s about time for an update to Elsword. The improved character art and new season events should give current and new players something to look forward to.

Source: KOG

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