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The Secret World February Game Director Letter

It’s that time again and Joel Bylos is here with the latest Game Director Letter for The Secret World.


One of the changes outlined in the letter that may interest people who have either tried and left The Secret World, or otherwise were put off by the idea of the combat is a revamping of the time to kill on mobs.

Previously moving from the first zone Kingsmouth to the third part of Solomon Island, Blue Mountain, you would see the time required to deal with the unquiet dead and myriad monsters of New England scale from seven seconds to twenty five.
This naturally makes everything a bit more time consuming and tough for new players or new characters.


As a result they are readjusting this time to kill figure to smooth out the progression in the game and tinkering with population and locations. One of the name checked mobs, the horror moth Ak’ab, will see some adjustments. They’d like you wary and cautious, not screaming in frustration. Terror is fine though.

Other adjustments to this early experience includes new loot drops in the story missions and upgraded tutorial sequences to tie everything together. Starter Decks also have new builds for anyone who has been considering starting up a new character to check out the changes.

There are other adjustments such as Fast Travel, the delivery method for Faction Missions and some UI changes.

The Secret World

The real meat for current players comes with the few details given on Issue 11. Issue 11 will wrap up the Tokyo storyline and take players into the Orochi Tower.

One of the big hurdles facing Funcom in The Secret World was how to properly represent the scale of the Orochi Tower and the various companies that make up the Orochi Group. So for anyone looking for replayability, your progress in the building is randomized. There are reportedly 512 unique ways to get through the Orochi Tower from bottom to top, not including secrets along the way.

What do you think? Should more MMOs adopt rogue like mechanics and throw you a curve ball each time you run a dungeon?

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