The Secret World Promises Mobility Changes

Following on the heels of some rather unpopular changes regarding ranged attacks – particularly the Anima Shot ability – and mobility hindering effects, The Secret World promises mobility changes virtually across the board in combat in a recent post on their forums by lead developer Romain Amiel.

The Secret World Promises Mobility Changes


Developer Amiel explains in the post that the originally intended balancing mechanic between ranged combat and melee combat was related to cast times for effects, but that it did not work out as intended. The post outlined a plan for some serious changes to mobility related effects in PvP in The Secret World, including removal of snare effects from every Builder in the game, and the reduction in cooldown times for all melee dash and charge abilities, in both PvE and PvP combat. Developer Amiel explains further that the intent is for combat in The Secret World to center around enhancement of movement, more than impairment, and that this change will help to bring about exactly that.

Our Thoughts:

We love PvP; we adore it. And we love movement impairing effects when we’re the ones using them… and absolutely despise them when they’re being used by others. If they can find another way of making ranged characters have a chance against melee folks, without stuns and snares and all, we applaud them and hope other games follow suit.

Source: The Secret World Forum Post

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