Shadow of the Serpent EVE Online

Shadow of the Serpent EVE Online Event Now Live

The latest EVE Online event is now underway. Reports have flooded in regarding hostile capital ship construction in the Serpentis home region of Fountain. Team up with fellow capsuleers to take down Serpentis pirate sites and earn some nice rewards.

In order to participate in the Shadow of the Serpent EVE Online event, select available challenges from the Scope Network. The more challenges that you complete the more point you can earn, which unlock Scope Network reward containers. Among the rewards available include rare Serpentis blueprints.

In addition to the in-game event, players can obtain free Serpentis skins for the Ares, Ishtar and Kronos with Aurum purchases. There are also sales for multiple PLEX packs and free multi-character training with game time purchase.

The Serpentis Faction Capital Ships were introduced in the EVE Online June 2016 update and come with improved firepower, advanced stasis webifiers, and are based on Gallente designs.

Additional EVE Online updates:

  • Serpentis Faction Capital Ships, SKINs, and implants.
  • Citadel Expansion iterations including redemption, direct trade, and character customization in citadels, and the ability to set them as an autopilot waypoint.
  • Multifit, which allows players to fit more than one ship at the same time.
  • New Player Experience Improvements which offer clearer instructions, better flow, and meaningful context.
  • Visual Effects Updates: secondary lighting in hangars and ship boosters, stargate visuals, and changes to several modules and black ops cynosaural field beacons.
  • New Docking Transitions provide dramatic views of ships entering and leaving stations.
  • Legalized Combat Boosters across the cluster.

Our Thoughts:

The introduction of the Scope Network creates additional immersion for EVE Online events by engaging players with tasks that need to be accomplished. Furthermore, the new Serpentis designs look great and this event is an excellent way to get your hands on the blueprints.

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