The Sharpen Your Skills Update Arrives to Dauntless

It’s been a topic of conversation from the devs over the past few dayss and now it’s live in the hands of Dauntless closed beta players. Today marks the Sharpen Your Skills update launch, bringing all of its much-lauded features and a very long list of other tweaks.

sharpen your skills update launch

We’ve gone over this before, so this will be brief: new progression, new behemoths, the War Pike weapon, and the addition of the Cell upgrade system to weapons and armor along with other features are all part of this update.

The patch notes provide deeper details on a variety of new systems added to Dauntless with this patch. Of note, the new damage types added to each of the game’s weapons have a specific color associated with them. Weapons also have changed how they stagger Behemoths in an effort to make staggering more challenging in exchange for staggers lasting longer.

Sharpen Your Skills is a free update available to closed beta players right now. You can check out all of the very weighty patch notes on the Dauntless website.

Our Thoughts

Dauntless looks to be making some very big strides towards its full release and, hopefully soon, open beta and free-to-play launch. While having progress reset can be a bit of a sting for some, we’re ready to dive back into the islands and hunt monsters once more.

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