Ship of Heroes Offers a Lore-Centric Look at Nanites

While the new Ship of Heroes Nanites power set is yet to be officially unveiled yet, it looks like the devs are close to that point at least. A new dev blog from the team has offered a little bit of backstory for how nanotechnology works in the game’s fiction, including its limitations and strengths.

ship of heroes nanites

According to the post, nanites and their use is a well-established part of life in the 25th century. These micro machines are capable of performing small, menial tasks like cleaning graffiti or repairing small scratches and are used regularly aboard the Justice. That said, they also require a great deal of energy and cannot handle tasks that require larger robots or manual labor like replacing structures.

The application of nanite technology in combat, then, come in the form of “counter-nanintes”. These counter-nanites can provide benefits to those who have them such as increasing their personal defense. Those who are capable of deploying these nanites can also use them to buff or heal others.

The side effect of this skill, however, is that these nanites draw from the energy of the wielder, meaning that they can only be deployed for a limited number of times and often those who use nanites in combat are required to eat more than three meals a day. So finally, you can make a hero that has a steady bundle of Hot Pockets nearby if that’s what you want.

The lore exploration of nanites is likely to precede a greater breakdown of the Nanite support powerset, but no hard timeline on when this will be revealed has been announced. In the meantime, the devs are still eyeing sometime in early August for the game’s login test. After that, several alphas are planned, followed by a beta test at the end of 2018 and a full launch at some point next year. For now, an unofficial collection of animated gifs showing the Nanite powerset in action has been put together in video form below.

Our Thoughts

We enjoy a bit of sci-fi superheroic lore and these explanations pretty much explain just what nanites are in the fiction of the game. Of course, that’s not to suggest we won’t roleplay them as small pixies healing people or have that Hot Pocket-toting hero on standby.

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