Shroud of the Avatar Release 38 Adds Polish, PvP Zone and More

The Update of the Avatar is released once more, and it houses the typical meatiness of every Update prior. In this edition, Shroud of the Avatar Release 38 is the primary subject as new polish, new items and a new PvP Scene have been added to the game.

Release 38 is mostly about polishing or rebuilding various areas, including Xenos, Path of Courage, Perennial, Vauban and Solania among others. Release 38 has also adjusted the NPC conversation UI to improve player immersion and interaction.

The new PvP area is called Blood Bay, a tropical island devastated by shards of the moon during the Cataclysm. The island houses two settlements; Scoundrel’s Hold and Judge’s Watch, which will both interact with players appropriately based on their Virtue in a later release. In the meantime, the area is an open PvP zone and will be a test bed for new map features like poisonous gas fields or magic-boosting shards.

The release also has added changes to combat AI, new potions, new Grandmaster Crafting recipes, a Canyon Siege map, New Traps, and far more to ever be listed here. The complete Update of the Avatar is here, and information about Release 38 can be found here.

Our Thoughts

When your update is mostly about further refinement as well as new content, your project is likely getting that much closer to final launch. Release 38 sounds like another substantial update to the in-development MMO, and we look forward to continued polish as the game presses on.

Your Thoughts

Have you had some time in Shroud of the Avatar Release 38? What are your impressions about the new polished areas? Do you like Blood Bay? Share your experiences with us below.

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