The Sisters of Carnage Arrive to Star Wars The Old Republic

The Sisters of Carnage. That might sound a lot like a mid-80’s metal group, but they’re actually much deadlier. They’re the marquee features of SWTOR update 5.3, the latest content patch to arrive in Star Wars The Old Republic.

swtor update 5.3

The titular Sisters are Aivela and Esne, the twin bosses introduced in the second leg of the high-end Gods from the Machine Operation. The new update also features a Manaan Stronghold for players to enjoy, and customization options for the Lana Beniko and Koth Vortena companions.

Update 5.3 has also added a variety of changes to the game’s classes, some minor adjustments to existing Operations, and added an additional Command Experience Consumable to the final boss of the Divided We Fall, Landing Party, and Trial and Error Uprisings.

You can look at the full patch notes for update 3.5 on the official website.

Our Thoughts

While this patch isn’t particularly beefy in terms of content, we’re sure that raiders in Star Wars The Old Republic are pleased to see the next boss arrive to the Gods from the Machine Operation. We’re looking forward to seeing how those players take to the new challenge.

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