Skara: The Blade Remains

Skara Releases Newest Update

Skara: the Blade Remains has introduces their newest content update. The newest early access patch includes a variety of content updates. One of the biggest new additions is the introduction of a new playable character, the Shinse. The new patch also adds several new playable environments and a host of user interface and bug fixes. For more information on Skara please visit the official website for complete details on the new patch.


In this patch we will introduce a new character: the Shinse. These deadly female warriors will be available in the new build, and for players it’s going to be an entirely new experience. The Shinse are the fastest fighters in Skara and are therefore able to perform simultaneous attacks, way more than the Celea do. However, at the same time they are comparatively weak and don’t have a wide range of actions. So fighting with a Shinse character will be all about moving fast, hitting and withdrawing in a search for the weakest spots in your enemies’ defense. And we can’t forget to mention that they will be able to teleport in the middle of a combo and hit their opponents from behind. What else could you ask for?


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