Skins Introduced in Newest Vainglory Update

Vainglory, the unapologetically hardcore MOBA that is revolutionizing the genre for touch devices, released an update yesterday, which introduces an all new “skins” system to the game. While MOBA fans might think they already know the ins-and-outs of skins, Vainglory’s system is going to have a Super Evil twist!


Yesterday’s update is just the beginning. The development team at Super Evil Megacorp have made the skin system as deep and extensive as possible; they crafted their system from the ground up, where players collect cards that can then be used to access the first of three ‘skin tiers’ for six of the game’s most popular heroes.

Skins Overview:

Here are the specific details:

  • Skins allow players to differentiate their favorite heroes from the pack by making them stand out visually
  • Vainglory’s skin system will be card-based, unlike most MOBAs, and cards will appear in the “Spoils of War” when players finish a game.
  • Cards come in four rarities: Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary. Common and rare cards are released in this update whereas epic and legendary cards will be added in a future update.
  • By collecting and combining cards they earn post-match, players will be able to unlock hero skins. There are three different hero concepts for each!
  • This update includes tier one skins for six heroes: Dark Parade Adagio, Prehistoric Glaive, Raver Girl Koshka, Bug Petal, Shogun Ringo and SAWborg.
  • Upcoming updates will see the addition of the second and third skin tiers with more collectable cards and skin themes. Every hero will eventually have its own set!


For more on Vainglory–from update notes to eSports–check out their official Twitch feed here.

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