Skyforge Announces March of Knowledge Update

Skyforge Announces March of Knowledge Update

It’s been a while since the last big update for Skyforge, but now they’ve announced the next major update will launch on February 10th! Titled March of Knowledge, it will be packed with beneficial changes to the game’s classes, the interface, invasions, various quality of life improvements, bug fixes and more!


Though we do not know all of the details of the update just yet, here are a couple highlights of March of Knowledge:

  • Invasion Bonus Updates: The Invasion Resistances system will be completely overhauled, resulting in a much more simplified system. The old Invasion tab will be removed and players will require only one resistance per Invasion. The overall reseearch time has also been reduced.
  • Legendary Ancient Rings: In March of Knowledge, the immortals of Aelion get to battle it out with ancient foes to obtain Legendary Ancient Rings. These powerful artifacts have unique statistical bonuses that stand out among Skyforge’s current rings and can be upgraded to match the player’s prestige through the Order system.
  • Photomode: A new photomode allows you to take screenshots just like the Skyforge Team does! Players can enter the mode at will, “pausing” their game and allowing full control of the camera, as well as various other features to get the perfect shot.

More information about these features will be released leading up to the release of March of Knowledge, and the full list of patch notes can be found on the official Skyforge website ahead of the update.


Our Thoughts

Skyforge isn’t one to slack on their updates, which is why they never do. Though we don’t know too many details about March of Knowledge just yet, we’ll surely find out more in the near future. Only 19 more days to go!

Source: Skyforge Official Website

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