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Skyforge Closed Beta 4 Starts Today

The fourth and final Closed Beta for the Obsidian Entertainment and Allods Team scifi-fantasy MMORPG, Skyforge, is now live.

 Skyforge Closed Beta Starts Today



The final round of Skyforge closed beta kicks off today (June 23) and will run through June 29, giving all players instant access to the high-tier Knight and Alchemist classes. Thousands of additional players have been invited to join Closed Beta 4 to enjoy a brand new build of the game based on player feedback. This Closed Beta features improvements to the client UI and chat and the addition of Pantheon guilds and new equipment slots.

Patch Notes

Instant Access to the Knight and Alchemist Advanced Classes


To experience some of the newly added classes, Obsidian and Allods are allowing Closed Beta participants to access the Knight and the Alchemist classes. These classes are normally unlocked by advancing and progressing through the game. They will be available for a limited time.

Game Client Optimization and Stability Fixes

Along with a 30% frame rate boost, most of the game-killing crashes affecting AMD chipsets have been resolved. Graphic settings can be saved and accessed in the Settings menu.

PvE and PvP Improvements


Players can now select NPC difficulty (from Easy to Impossible). Prestige restrictions have been lifted for Group Adventures. Now Group Adventure players with different prestige levels can play together for a limited time.

A group-finder function has been added, and PvP matchmaking has been optimized.


For a complete list of updates, see the official Skyforge blog here.

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