Skyforge Crucible of the Gods

Skyforge Crucible Of The Gods Arrives August 11th

The first major content update for’s Skyforge is dropping tomorrow. What can we expect out of the Crucible of the Gods?

If the nigh sisyphean task of wading through the patch notes is too much, lets talk highlights. Playing an Immortal is fun but players are supposed to be Gods. Finally they get to step into the sandals of divinity with the release of Divine Form. Options for this ascension include a high-tech super suit, a fiery demon form or the very essence of the god Aeli.

Skyforge Divine Form

  • To access the Divine Form, players must complete the “New God” storyline quest which becomes available at ~30,500 Prestige.
  • As a reward for completing this quest, players receive a special crystal that is used to unlock the divine node in the Ascension Atlas – Unlocking the Divine Form and the Divine Atlas.

The new power of Divine Form will be necessary as players can also look forward to Invasions and Raids on the high end, as well as Anomalies and Distortions. Anomalies are activities for five players in a large open area where Distoritons are exclusive to Pantheons.


So if you’re playing Skyforge, there are even more options for things to do now. Smite your foes in Divine form or get involved in varying group size activities.

Source: Official Site Patch Notes

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