Skyforge Developers Comment on Spark-Limit

Having entered Open Beta last week has opened a lot of doors for Skyforge, bringing plenty of new players to the world of Aelion. Open Beta has brought a ton of new people to the planet of Aelion, as they can now leave their permanent mark on the planet. Every player has their unique opinion about the game, and the point of an Open Beta is to listen to the players and create a more pleasant gaming experience for them.


The most active discussions surrounding Skyforge have been about players saying they cannot easily progress in a meaningful way after reaching their Sparks of Insight limit. These sparks are used to unlock new nodes and boost your prestige in the process.

As the Allods Team points out on their website, many players stop receiving Sparks of Insight around the time they reach Naori Island, as they have reached the first weekly limit for the reward. This gives players the illusion that they are unable to develop their character further since they can no longer gain prestige through new nodes on the upper level of the Ascension Atlas. I quote:

“We noticed that players within the prestige range of 2500-3500 began asking what else was available to participate in after reaching these limits. However, even with these limits in place certain players have managed to reach upwards of 5-7k prestige, which is up to two times higher than what others perceived as their “hard-cap” on prestige.”

This raised questions among other players on how to reach such high prestige in the short amount of time they’ve been able to play Skyforge. They further elaborate on the subject in the official announcement on their website:

“Players accomplished this by continuing to play and earn resources for other aspects of Skyforge, specifically the Order system, in order to fully develop their character. In Skyforge, a player’s overall strength (measured by prestige) has three major sources – the Ascension Atlas, Equipment, and Order. The Order, a major source of strength, is unfortunately overlooked by many players who have reached the limit for Sparks of Insight. This is a grave oversight, as the Order provides many statistical bonuses which are only obtainable through this method, including major boosts to their health totals and other customizable stats.”



They admit that they haven’t made it clear enough in the game how significant Order is to the player’s potential power, as it allows for continued play and will keep you busy when you’ve reached the Sparks of Insight limit. The designers of the game are currently working to make this much clearer through Skyforge’s interface and the Order upgrades.

The rest of the announcement guides you through the Order system and how you can use it to improve your prestige and overall game experience, as it unveils a whole new aspect of the game to players who didn’t know about it before.

They also promise to continue observing active discussions within the community as Skyforge continues to expand, to both benefit the community and the game itself.


Source: Skyforge Official Website

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