Skyforge First Technical Beta

Obsidian Entertainment and announce they will be running their first Technical Beta Weekend for Skyforge. The first test will be relatively small in scope. Only a limited number of people will be invited to participate and invites will be sent out via email for those who signed up.

The first round of beta will test to ensure core systems are operational and that the servers can handle the stress of a larger player load. As we get closer to release, will be running additional beta tests. For more information on Skyforge and the full details on the Technical Beta, please visit the official website.


From and Obsidian Entertainment

The Technical Beta Weekend will begin on November 13th and end on November 16th, however; players who are invited to participate will be able to download and install the client starting on November 11th – giving them a two day window get ready for the beta. This way players will be able to jump into the game as soon as the servers are opened!

Remember, this is a closed technical beta test, with a limited number of players, and if you aren’t invited to participate that doesn’t mean you won’t be invited to participate in the future beta tests. We are purposely keeping this test limited to a low number of players.

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