Skyforge Goes in Depth on Adepts

Last month the development team introduced us to the Orders of Aelion, Skyforge contains an end game based progression system that allows you to become a god. Part of that feature set is a follower system. This month the Skyforge team go in to detail about the adept system, one of the driving forces behind the ascension mechanic.Some of the highlights are listed below. For more information see the official post 

From Obsidian and Allod’s Team.

One of the key differences between one of your normal run-of-the-mill followers and an adept is its profession. Currently, each adept comes with one of the following eight:

  • Engineer – a technical genius

  • Templar – a guardian for the order

  • Sorcerer – a preserver of old rituals, ancient runes and traditions

  • Mystic – a master in all things “magic”

  • Preacher –  an evangelist for your order

  • Healer – a capable physician

  • Envoy – a diplomatic representative

  • Agent – a paranormal investigator


Depending on the group, certain adepts are better suited for specific missions you assign them. For example, if you have a mission to curb an epidemic outbreak – you can send any of your adepts on that mission, but if you send an adept who’s also a healer, they’ll be much more effective at completing the task. For this reason, it’s important that you balance your order to include enough adepts to cover each type of mission you might have for them.

Adepts who return from successful missions bring back valuable rewards, including gifts and additional followers. Adepts can also fail missions – returning with only a small percentage of their rewards. As players increase the strength and rank of their adepts, they’ll be able to send them on more difficult missions with larger rewards.

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