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Skyforge Launches Closed Beta 2 In Less Than A Week

Skyforge has just announced that its second Closed Beta test is coming as soon as next week on Wednesday, March 25th and will be running for 2 weeks. Players who already have the client installed for the first Skyforge Closed Beta test will not need to re-download the game for the second test and additionally should be happy to hear that any characters and progress made will carry over to this test.

Skyforge CBT2 - - Your source for MMOs & MMORPGs

If you have not yet received an invite to Skyforge’s Closed Beta, never fear, for the team will be sending out another wave of CBT invites on March 24th to folk who aren’t already in. So keep an eye on those inboxes, and do remember that you can check your Skyforge profile page for the silver beta badge to see if your account has access to the Closed Beta.

Closed Beta 2 will bring some new stuff to Skyforge’s North American and European servers, including some special PvP activities for players to get involved with. Overall, CBT2 brings:

  • Four New Classes to unlock
  • Open World Zone – Naori Island
  • Superiority PvP Mode – 8v8
  • 2 New Squad Adventures – Thetin Rift, Cronnel Platforms
  • 5-Man Dungeon – Daren Facility
  • Nedder Test Area

Head over to Skyforge’s official website if you haven’t yet signed up to potentially gain access to the game’s Closed Beta testing stage.

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