Skyforge Lightbinder Gameplay Trailer Released

The Allods Team have unveiled another class for Skyforge, this time the Lightbinder.

If you’re the sort of player who prefers healer classes or support, the Lightbinder appears to be exactly that type. All of the Lightbinder’s basic skills can be directed against enemies or applied to their allies. One example given is blasting a critter with the basic Pulsating Flare damages it but targeting an ally will increase their damage output.

Other skills in the early peek include shields big and small for buffing the whole group or just being the saving grace to one character at a time.

Skyforge Lightbinder


The Burning Stream is also covered in the video and it looks positively gorgeous. How easy it is to arrange a stream of burning death is another matter, but at least it looks good.

Taking everything released on the site and the trailer together, Lightbinders seem to be very versatile and useful additions to any team. Solo potential might be a bit less but Skyforge doesn’t seem to be shy about letting people deal damage.

Lightbinders though are definitely the support class for people who like to dictate the flow of a fight through well timed heals, buffs and debuffs. It doesn’t hurt that you can also explode into light and burn things to a cinder.

Lux Aeterna anyone?

Source: Official Site

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