Skyforge: the Mechanoid Invasion has Begun

The Celestial Fortresses had warned about it, but now it’s evident: the Mechanoids have begun touching down across Aelion. Through these unfeeling AI, Aelion has made great strides in technological advancement. But they’re still not allies of the people, and defeat isn’t an option that Aelion can afford. Safety and potential mysteries that can be unraveled through the study of these mechanical monstrosities are at risk, so it’s time to take action!

Skyforge Mechanoids

The Mechanoid invasions marks the first Invasion following the release of Aelion’s Call, which introduces new additions including Invasion Atlases and Operations. During an active invasion,¬†everyone¬†(yes, even players with only 200 Prestige and a handful of followers), everyone is capable of participating in advetures with representatives of that invading army which will award Tokens upon completion. A collection of these tokens will incrementally net you Sparks dedicated to that faction’s atlas, granting bonuses while fighting members of that force, general stat improvements, as well as new symbols.

Operations, however, are an extra activity tied directly into the aforementioned feature. When you receive Tokens, you’ll be placed into an Operation group which consists of up to 40 other players. After this happens, all information regarding your current Operation can be accessed on the Aelinet in game or online through your browser (via the player menu on the left). Here, you will work together to complete the Operations goal and your personal assignment. You’re also in a competition to lead the highest amount of Token for the greatest rewards though, so don’t be too friendly! Each day, the Operation will move to the next tier and only the top players in each tier are moved onto the next. Of course, the higher the tier you’re in, the greater the rewards.

Skyforge Invasion Atlas

Reasoning with the Mechanoids isn’t an option, so the only choice available is to fight! now rise, immortal protectors, and charge forth to achieve glory and power on the battlefield in Skyforge!


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