Skyforge New Horizons Expansion Launches Today

Today is the day Skyforge New Horizons, the free expansion, for the game releases. For the first time ever in Skyforge an expansion will take players to an entirely new planet, Terra. Terra is a world of ruined, overgrown cities with lush jungles and lifeless wastelands. Here players will encounter dangerous wildlife and an all-new race.

The expansion begins when scouting drones intercept messages in an unknown language. Later the drones capture strange-looking ships with advanced technology. Looking at the world it would appear that some sort of advanced warfare is taking place there as air pollution levels in some areas exceed safe limits many times over.

When players arrive on Terra they will find that the world is shaped by their actions and a new mechanic called Programs will help change the world around them. By upgrading programs researchers back on the home planet can do more research in particular areas and change how it appears. Doing this will unlock story chapters, special missions, and amazing rewards waiting to be uncovered.

To get the servers ready for New Horizons the game will be taken offline today for four hours, from 4 AM PST to 8 AM. If you’re looking for something to do while the servers are down you might be interested in giving the patch notes a look. They’re quite light on the details of the expansion, but they do offer some updates for specific classes as well as the Battle Royale mode.

Today is only the release of New Horizons on PC, it will be available for Playstation 4 tomorrow, on April 10th, and on Xbox One on April 11th. The expansion is free, however, there is a collector’s edition available for €/$ 24.99. The collector’s edition includes 14 days of premium subscription, 500,000 credits, and the Universe Conqueror Halo and Armor, along with a few other useful items.


Source: Press Release

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