Skyforge: Preparing For Invasions

With Skyforge’s huge Crucible of the Gods update live in game, unlocking Divine Form for all high-ranking Immortals and thus introducing the game’s end game content, it’s time to take a little look at what some of this end game content entails.

Today, the Allods Team are looking deeper at Invasions. More specifically, how to prepare for them, and what you need to unlock. Of course, we’ve already talked about Invasions in the past, back when Skyforge was still in Closed Beta, but that was more a look at what Invasions are rather than how to prepare for them.

Skyforge Black Hole


Preparing for Skyforge’s Invasions

Invasions in Skyforge have a few prerequisites which you’ll need to acquire in order to participate, but also.. Survive.

First, you will need to push your Academy to level 3. This will unlock the Ether Projector which can be used by Pantheons in its most basic form for a minimum of 1000 energy. To attain even higher amounts of power, you can upgrade the Power Unit.


Once your Pantheon has achieved this step, all members will get access to the Invasion Talents tab in the Bonuses category of the Pantheon menu. In here, you can expand and earn higher resistance to the effects used by invaders. You will need to unlock Rank 1 to take part in Invasions, though this is free, at the very least. To increase your resistances even further, which you will need to do to access certain adventures, you can complete Order missions for Energy Modules, and kill mobs in Invasion activities for Knowledge.

Skyforge’s Invasions are intended to be a challenge, so you will need to go in with a well-rounded and co-ordinated group if you wish to be successful. There are citizens of Aelion to protect and bigger threats looming, after all!


Source: Skyforge News Update

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