Skyforge Receives Major Update

The latest update for Obsidian Entertainment’s MMORPG Skyforge, titled Journey of the Divine, will feature deadly new enemies, powerful specializations, and guild academies.

The Avatars are invading. As deadly embodiments of another world’s Great God, the Avatars were created to collect faith from other planets. Players will be required to band together during the invasion events, or risk losing all of their acquired faith. However, if victorious then Aelion will enter a Golden Age, which increases player rewards for three days.

In addition to the new invasion event, six new Divine Specializations are now available. These include: God of War, God of Knowledge, God of Defense, God of Hunt, God of Travels, and God of Authority. Divine Specializations can be unlocked with Divine Revelations, which are earned by defeating the invading avatar forces.

Finally, Skyforge is committed to helping new players unlock their true potential through the Pantheon Academy. Players who have yet to unlock their divine form can join a Pantheon’s academy without having to apply directly to the guild. By building communities of newer members, both the academy players and veteran Pantheon members will earn benefits.

Our Thoughts:

It’s great to see continued support for Skyforge by adding new events and finding ways to help lower-level players develop their skills.


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