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Skyforge Unlocks Divine Form

Going to war in Skyforge, you already are an immortal. Still sometimes that’s not enough. Sometimes you really need to break out the big guns. Sometimes you will face overwhelming odds and you’ll need a miracle or an act of God.

Fortunately thanks to the Divine Form mechanic, you are your own miracle. You become an act of God. As you continue to unravel the mysteries behind Skyforge’s ongoing story, players will unlock their Divine Form. On gaining your Divine form and first divine abilities you will be able to select your Divine Form’s future appearance: a high-tech super suit, a fiery demon form or the essence of the god of Aelion, Aeli.

Skyforge God Form

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinuishable from magic, so … super suits make you a God. I approve.

What are the benefits of becoming buff and Biblical?

Firstly as a god, if a player has unlocked several classes, they’ll possess the significant advantage of being able to switch between any of them in the midst of battle and use special divine ultimate abilities. Also when assuming Divine Form, buff doesn’t do it justice. You become physically bigger sometimes doubling in size as well as floating above the ground because walking is for mere mortals.

Skyforge Black Hole

For a break down on all the benefits and powers of the Divine Form, keep an eye out on our news here and on the official site for updates. Or if you aren’t the waiting type, try applying for Beta. Skyforges CBT 3 is live now!

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