SMITE Offers a Free Bundle for PlayStation Plus Members

This information is either going to fill you with a sense of delight or jealousy that your preferred platform isn’t being considered: a free SMITE PlayStation Plus bundle is being offered to PS4 players with a whole bunch of goodies, including skins, gods, and voice packs.

smite playstation plus bundle

The bundle in question offers up 20 Gods, 20 voice packs for said Gods, 31 skins, and the Khepri announcer pack for absolutely free so long as you’re subscribed to the PlayStation Plus program. The offer is available for both NA and EU players as confirmed in a response from Hi-Rez.

According to the announcement, the bundle is being offered for a limited time – specifically until Tuesday, January 9th. With that in mind, if you want these freebies, you might want to consider acting fast.

Our Thoughts

That is a pretty generous offer from Hi-Rez! One certainly can wonder just why they’re providing so much free stuff for one specific platform, but then again we’re also not ones to turn away being granted free goodies. Here’s hoping that PlayStation players enjoy and that similar offers arrive to other platforms soon.

Source: press release

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