SMITE and Paladins Will Be Xbox One X Launch Titles

Hi-Rez Studios is completely behind the Xbox One X, it would appear. The publisher has thrown two of its more popular titles, SMITE and Paladins, behind the upcoming new console, confirming the games as launch titles and showing off gameplay that will take advantage of the Xbox One X’s power.

smite and paladins

Both SMITE and Paladins will run on the Xbox One X at a native 4k resolution and at 60 FPS, bringing both high-energy games at their prettiest and most fast-paced. Hi-Rez has kindly provided some footage of both games running directly from their Xbox One X dev kit, which can be viewed in the embedded trailers below.

Just in case you somehow completely missed the news from this year’s E3, the Xbox One X is priced at $499 and will be available at retail on Tuesday, November 7th. Both Paladins and SMITE, however, are free-to-play titles available for download now.

Our Thoughts

Some of us don’t subscribe to the idea that maximum resolution and frames are an outright requirement for all games, but for titles like Paladins and SMITE, getting the best possible performance can be critical to a player’s ability to react and aim. For that, we definitely are excited to see both of these fast-moving titles burning at full throttle.

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