Social MMO Glitch Resurrected as Eleven

Some of you might not remember Glitch, but it was a short lived social oriented MMORPG that launched back in September 2012 and shut down on December 9th of that year. Originally founded by Flickr co-founder Stewart Butterfield,Glitch was shut down stating the game wasn’t accessible enough and lacked depth issues. That didn’t stop the games fans from creating a resurrection project. Two years after Glitch shut its doors for good, Eleven begins opening its doors for players to enjoy. The limited alpha is by invite only, and players can earn a chance to participate by being active in the forums. For more information on Eleven, please visit the official website.



It’s been exactly 2 years to the day since we thought we all lost the world of Ur forever.  It most certainly was a sad day for me, and I’m sure I can say the same for the rest of the team (those that played at least).  Little did we know at the time that just under a year later, we’d be given the opportunity to bring it back…and that exactly a year later, we would be able to walk around in Ur, even though it was only on a single street.  It’s been a year of hard, but fun work, and while we’ve got a long ways to go, significant progress has been made.

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