SOE Responds to Criticism Regarding Landmark Combat

Recently, Landmark released its long awaited combat update. Communities tend to be very vocal about games they enjoy (or don’t enjoy for that matter) .The new patch was met was some harsh criticisms from the community. Yesterday, one of the developers made a much needed and well thought out statement via the official forums. Dave “Smokejumper” Georgeson acknowledges the release may of been a bit preemptive and in hind sight the update could of been better prepared. Georgeson went on to state that this was only the beginning and that the combat system would get significantly better before the final release. He took a moment to remind the player base that the product is still in beta, a fact that can easily be forgotten about in the heat of the moment


I’ve been reading a bunch of the threads here. Reactions are pretty understandable and predictable. We should have done a better job of preparing you for what you are seeing here.

These are the first steps into combat and dungeoneering right now. This is in no way the final shape of combat in Landmark *or* EverQuest Next.
You are seeing *basic* foundational elements here. Nobody on the design team likes circle-strafe as the core combat mechanic. That’s just how the system works right now until we get more tuning and more AI into the system.
We had the option to wait until the new year (February sometime) to release what you have now, or we could release it now and listen to opinions and discussion over the holidays.
We chose the latter, of course, because we’ve always opted to listen to you and your feedback rather than work in a vacuum.

But this is *not* the final form of combat.
That being said, we are not returning to hard-locks either. The final form of combat and dungeoneering will be built on the bones you see today, but it’s going to get a lot better, more tactical, and more fun.

Combat will improve just as the rest of the game has improved since Alpha. You’ll see.

This is still Closed Beta and this game is still in development. More to come!

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