SOE thanks its players and announces competition for Landmark

Throughout the Alpha and Beta testing phase, players of the Minecraft on steroids MMO game called Landmark, were able to create buildings and other contraptions beyond your wildest dreams. Set in a world where the sole focus is building stuff together, players have been working tirelessly with materials in the game to create epic landmarks, and now, the devs want to have a competition of which landmark will be featured in Landmark.


Player creation in Landmark at it’s finest.

That’s right, the SOE team are adding more amenities and adding a wide variety of distinct landmarks for the players so they can help the developers design something for them.

To enter this competition, all you have to do is claim a landmark, and create something visually impressive. This could be anything, ranging from fantasy, historic or futuristic, it is all up to you. The guidelines are that it needs to be placeable on flat ground, and include a flat base layer 50 voxels deep to allow it to sink into slight slopes. Also, you have to submit your creation before May 7th 2014. For more information regarding the entry requirements and guidelines etc. visit this link.

Here’s a trailer for the competition and a big THANK YOU from the developers for those who have worked so hard on creating stuff:

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