Sony Denies Pay To Win Accusations in Planetside 2

Recent patch changes have sparked upset in the Planetside 2 community. The main complaint is that Certificate drop rates have been significantly lowered. Changes in drop rates often spark controversy in titles that choose to have a free to play model. A recent blog post on InAnAge seems to have fueled much of the strife.

Yesterday, Sony Online Entertainment CEO John Smedley took some time on a Reddit post to clarify some of these changes. While some seem to accept his reasoning, the opinion on the matter is still diverse and controversial.



Planetside 2 only recently has turned profitable on an operating basis. When I say recently, I’m talking about a few months here. Anyone that thinks we’re swimming in cash is plain wrong. Don’t get me wrong, the plan for any game is to make money.. and we believe in the long term future of the game.. which is why you’re seeing the PS4 version going into beta very soon (we’ll officially announce it in the next couple of days).

If your’e in the online game business, unless your game is LoL or Wow the truth is it’s all about the long term and you better be in it with that in mind. We are.

Specifically – our plan has always been to offer ALMOST anything that you can buy with Station Cash to be purchased with Certs.And the majority of people have a ton of certs. Why? Because we didn’t balance it perfectly. In every case we erred on the side of giving away too many or making things cost too little so we don’t make you grind too hard.

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