Special Events Celebrate BDO’s Dark Knight Class Launch

The wait for many Black Desert Online players – and this writer in particular – is finally over. The Dark Knight class has officially arrived in the MMO, and the devs are celebrating the release with a variety of special events.

Starting today until March 29th, players can collect Dark Knight Seals from killing monsters, fishing, or gathering. These Seals can be turned in for items to help players get started on the new class. All players can also enjoy increased EXP gains from today until March 8th, with 20% combat experience offered during the week and 100% combat experience offered on the weekend.

Black Desert Online is also celebrating its one-year anniversary on March 3rd with a Field Bosses event. Everyone who at least hits the Field Boss one time will automatically receive a Field Boss Reward Bundle, which contains a large assortment of cosmetic items, buffs, and a temporary mount. Players will also have an anniversary housing item waiting in their mail, which can be claimed from now until March 8th.

Patch notes for the new update can be read on this thread, and more details about the special events celebrating the Dark Knight’s release can be seen here.

Our Thoughts

Not only is the Dark Knight class a great arrival, but the events in celebration of her release are awesome too! We’re most certainly eager to try the new class out and are looking forward to the events coming to Black Desert Online in the next few days.

Your Thoughts

Are you ready to try out the new Dark Knight class or are you going to simply take advantage of the EXP events celebrating the release? Share your plans with us in the comments section.

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