Star Citizen Community Spotlight Shares Fan-Made Creations

When you’re the biggest crowdfunded game on planet Earth, you’re going to have fans, and many of those fans are going to be very creative. That creativity is on display in a new Star Citizen community spotlight video.


The showcase highlights images and videos captured by players in-game with the third-person camera controls introduced in Alpha 2.6. A variety of dynamic shots are now possible, and the video touts all footage is “100% in-game footage, 100% captured by players.” There’s also a page dedicated to community creations, including screenshots, tutorials and 3D printed ship models.

Development on Star Citizen moves forward as an incremental patch to the recent Alpha 2.6 is in the works. The patch will introduce bug fixes, gameplay tweaks and other refinements that didn’t make the initial release. The new patch doesn’t have a release date, but a timetable is expected within the next couple of weeks.

You can check out the community video below.

Our Thoughts

The creativity of Star Citizen fans is definitely remarkable, and with over $141M in crowdfunding as of this writing, it looks like this project is only going to continue to grow and that fanbase more dedicated.

Your Thoughts

What do you think of Update 2.6? Are you impressed by the creations of the Star Citizen community? What are your thoughts on the game’s crowdfunding totals? Share your thoughts with us below.

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