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Star Citizen Gamescom Free Fly Offers Trial, Several Ships

As part of Chris Roberts Industries’ participation at this year’s Gamescom, there will be a Star Citizen Gamescom Free Fly that lets interested players try out the game’s current alpha build along with several ships for free.


The Gamescom Free Fly lets people hop in to the pilot’s seat of the Mustang Gamma, Sabre and Freelancer ships as well as try out the game in its current state. The free trial is part of Star Citizen’s attendance at this year’s Gamescom, which includes a variety of livestreams through the entire event and a presentation happening this Friday, August 19th. RSI will also be offering exclusive Gamescom in-game hangar trophies for sale and public fan events during the weekend.

Full details about the Free Fly can be found here, and the schedule of Gamescom events are detailed on this page.

Our Thoughts

Development updates are one way to show people how your crowdfunded game is doing, but offering a full free trial during one of the biggest events in gaming is definitely another. Star Citizen are putting their foot on the gas to draw as much attention to the title as possible. We’re curious to see how popular this Free Fly will end up being.

Your Thoughts

What do you think about the Gamescom event Star Citizen is having? Are you going to take part in the Free Fly, or are you completely over the hype of Star Citizen? Tell us your thoughts below.

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