Star Citizen Releases Arena Commander 1.0

The folks over at Roberts Space Industries have been hard at work on their newest update for their Space combat MMO, Star Citizen. The wait is finally over, Arena Commander 1.0 is here. The new update literally triples the amount of playable ships. Also included in the update is the long awaited friends list and lobby system. Going forward, the team has added a new public test server. Eager players will have the opportunity to test new versions of Star Citizen Arena Commander before they are launched on the main server. For more information on Arena Commander 1.0 and to read the patch notes, please visit the official website for complete details.


Arena Commander 1.0 adds a host of new ship upgrades as well as significant enhancements to many of the game’s systems. Included for the first time are a ship signature system, a thruster power system, and a lateral g-force system. It contains the first iteration of the game’s lobby and we have launched a friends system in the game and on the RSI site to help you connect. Audio and visual effects have been updated throughout the game, with new animations, new textures, new cameras and more.

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