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Star Citizen Shows off FPS Combat

Origin had big news for PAX Australia this year. Crowds were worked up with excitement as Chris Roberts took the stage to show off the highly anticipated upcoming FPS module for Star Citizen.

The video opens by showing a one minute cut scene of a small space  shuttle making its decent to an enemy station. The crowd is in an uproar as the ship approaches its decent to the impressive Halo-inspired, ring shaped structure. We see four men in a shuttle that looks like it’s made for six. They banter a bit and the cut scene ends and cuts directly in to game play.


The first round shows a tactical four man match against another squad. It was refreshing to see team based combat. The gameplay was engaging and kept my eyes glued to the screen. Origin gave a strong impression on the things to come in the FPS module of Star Citizen.

After the first round, Chris Roberts grabs the crowds attention with. “So that’s not all, we’re going to show you another aspect because, uh we’re in space”. He continued to elaborate as he explained the zero-g mechanic. “the other area we’re working on is combat on zero-g. That’s something both on space stations and on ships you’ll be able to turn gravity off and on.” Roberts hints “or maybe something will get damage that causes the ship to lose gravity” He briefly adds “jet packs, gravity boots”. Almost as to shrug off their inclusion.

He finishes by talking about a feature to be in the launch version of the build. There will be a push pull style mechanic. Creating an exciting dynamic in space combat. Although he only spoke briefly, I’m excited to hear more about this aspect of Star Citizen’s FPS module.

During the second round we see the same tactical gameplay as the first match. This time featuring more build up, all leading to the epic conclusion of the gravity generator getting destroyed. The zero-g adds an additional element of tactics. Players would need to use their boosters and gravity boots efficiently. Larger objects would also be floating, creating mobile cover points.

So far, I’m really impressed with the first showings of the FPS combat in Star Citizen. I hope they can make transition from just a module to a persistent world. It seems that’s still a ways in the distance yet. MMO Games will keep you up to date with the newest updates as we get them.

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