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Star Citizen video talks ship persistence and more

Cloud Imperium CEO Chris Roberts published the 74th episode of Star Citizen’s 10 For The Chairman video Q&A series last night. The clip runs for a solid 23 minutes, and as it represents the first episode of 2016, Roberts has quite a lot of ground to cover.

If you’re new to the 10FtC series, it’s basically an opportunity for Star Citizen subscribers to ask the boss a series of gameplay questions, 10 of which he then answers at length. In the latest episode, Roberts starts by addressing capital ship persistence and whether or not large vessels like the Javelin will remain in the world when players log off. The dev team decided on a sort of “safe area” for bigger ships, so for example if you’re the owner of a Javelin and you park it in a shipyard or another type of protected dock, nothing will happen to it in your absence.

Roberts also addresses the possibility of a used ship market, where players can buy, sell, or trade used starships as part of the in-game economy. In the short-term, players may sell used ships but buying additional ships will happen at NPC dealerships. In the long-term, though, he says that used ship sales will likely make it into the game at some point. Be sure to click on the video above to hear the answers to these and other Star Citizen gameplay questions!

Our thoughts:

The ship persistence presents an interesting development quandary, particularly for a game like Star Citizen that bills itself as a persistent universe. Roberts answers the question in a thoughtful way, but his answer also raises more questions, particularly when he mentions saving your game by sleeping in your ship!

Source: Roberts Space Industries

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