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Star Trek Online : Butterfly And A New Dawn

Star Trek Online will be releasing a new episode this Thursday (August 13th) unless something goes wrong with the timeline.

Star Trek Online’s latest Episode, “Butterfly”, will feature the talents of Aron Eisenberg as Nog. More than that, the little story attached to the post on the Arc Games site points to potentially disasterous temporal effects. Butterfly will presumably be an utterly apt name for the chaotic effect one small change can have on entire timelines. Less flapping wings to cause storms and more errant footfalls, think A Sound Of Thunder.

STO Butterfly

For a limited time, “Butterfly” will be available to all Captains level 10 and higher as well as having new rewards for each of the first three weeks. These rewards will include the choice of a tech upgrade or a specialization point. After that the mission will be available to level 60 players only and the upgrade and specialization point no longer be awarded.

Also ahead for Star Trek comes some news from Gamescom, as mentioned here previously. After the Iconian War, players can look forward to Season 11, titled New Dawn. From the press release and Gamescom:

STO New Dawn Logo

Star Trek Online: Season 11 – New Dawn represents a new era of storytelling in the Star Trek MMORPG. Following a story five years in the making, captains have gone face-to-face against the Iconians – the ancient threat that has be looming over the galaxy – and their Heralds. After the grueling time of war, it is time to return to discovering distant lands and new species.

    The story coming with Star Trek Online: Season 11 – New Dawn will set a different tone from the wartime story and create the foundation for content coming to the free-to-play MMORPG in 2016.
    This season will see the return of Chase Masterson, who will reprise her role as Mirror Leeta from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
    In addition to Star Trek lore, an admiralty system

Source: Official Site/Gamescom

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