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Star Trek Online is Cancelling Mac Support

Starting on February 5, Cryptic Studios will no longer be supporting the Mac client for Star Trek Online.

Star Trek Online

Unfortunately, the development team behind Star Trek Online has decided that the issues and restrictions of their Mac client was not allowing them to deliver a high-quality experience. Due to this, Mac support for Star Trek Online will be ending on February 5.


  • The Mac client will be unavailable for download starting on February 5th.
  • Anyone with an existing Mac client will be able to play, but the game will become permanently unavailable via our mac client by Spring of this year.
  • We will be shutting off C-Store for all Mac users to prevent players from continuing to make purchases before it permanently shuts down.
  • We will be processing reimbursements and refunds over the next few weeks.
    • We will be canceling and refunding any active recurring subscriptions purchased between October 1, 2015 and today, including Lifetime Subscriptions. If a payment was made other than a credit card or Paypal, the value of the subscription will be reimbursed to your Arc Account Balance.
    • We will be reimbursing any Zen that was purchased through Arc or Steam between October 1, 2015 and today to your Arc Account Balance.
    • We will be reimbursing the value of any Packs purchased through Arc or Steam between October 1, 2015 and today to your Arc Account Balance.

However, Perfect World Entertainment is recommending that Mac users download a program to emulate windows on their machine, such as Wine, or switch to a Windows PC.

“We looked at our Mac support overall and determined that we cannot promise to deliver an experience on Mac that meets our expectations of quality. After heavy consideration, we have decided to end support for the Mac version of Star Trek Online on February 5th. No other version of Star Trek Online is impacted.”

Our Thoughts:

Although it is unfortunate that support is ending for Mac users, it shouldn’t be all that surprising considering the issues the client has had in the past.

Source: Perfect World Entertainment

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