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Star Trek Online Enlists Deep Space Nine’s Aron Eisenburg As Nog

Joining other Star Trek franchise actors in Star Trek Online comes Aron Eisenburg, reprising his Deep Space Nine role as Nog, the first Ferengi to enter Starfleet Academy. Nog commands the SCE ship U.S.S. Chimera and will join the fight against the Iconians and their Heralds later this year in Star Trek Online’s Season 10 – The Iconian War.

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Scarred both physically and emotionally from his time in the Dominion War, Nog has remained in Starfleet working his way up the ranks since its end. Serving time on several exploration missions, becoming chief engineer for a while on Deep Space Nine, and moving along to Utopia Planitia to work with the Engineers of Starfleet Corps, Nog is now a Starfleet captain and is stepping up to do what he can in the war against the Iconian threat.

You can take a listen to Perfect World Entertainment’s interview with Aron Eisenberg over on SoundCloud in which he reveals that he and his son are both World of Warcraft players and talks more about Nog as a character and how it felt to play the Ferengi as an actor. It’s a very interesting listen whether you are a Star Trek fan or not!

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