Star Trek Online Escalates Season 13 to Console

Escalation is arriving to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players with the Star Trek Online Season 13 release date. Console captains will soon get to continue their story of the growing war between the Lukari and Tzenkethi as well as several new features.

star trek online season 13 release

The update will offer two new story missions, with “Mirrors and Smoke” continuing the Lukari War arc and “Survivor” closing out the Sela of Romulus story. The new War Games 5v5 queue will also become available, pitting teams of Captains against each other in races to beat puzzles or complete challenges as fast as possible. Rewards for content will include class-specific starship gear, which is a first for the console version of the MMO.

Season 13 begins on PS4 and Xbox One on Tuesday, June 6th. Full details are available on the official site.

Our Thoughts

We actually had no idea that class-specific starship gear wasn’t in the console version. This new series of rewards should make those who pilot a specific type of vessel quite pleased as their playstyle and traits should now have a more appreciable impact. We hope console players of STO have fun!

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