Star Trek Online Expansion Goes Live

Perfect World Entertainment, the publisher of such titles as Perfect World and Neverwinter Online, has officially released its newest expansion pack for Star Trek Online. The massive update, Delta Rising, introduces a slew of exciting content. Best of all, it’s completely free to access, no box fee and no pay walls.

The new expansion raises the level cap to 60. Along with the new level cap there is plenty of content to keep players busy for some time to come. An Entire new tier of ships has been added to help aide players through the challenging new missions. Three new five man instances have also been added for this expansion. Some of the additional new content has been detailed below.

  • Captains can now rank up to level 60!
    • This includes new titles, new captain powers, and new rewards for each faction.
  • The Delta Quadrant story arc has been added to the Episodes tab in the journal.
  • Upon logging in with a level 50 Captain, players will be able to accept the mission “Escalation” to begin the journey through the Delta Quadrant
  • There is a new type of Bridge Officer available: Intelligence Specialists!
  • Intelligence Specialists are available for all three Professions: Tactical, Engineering, and Science.
  • These are hybrid officers that have ground and space powers both from their Specialization and their Profession.

Star Trek Online Is a Free to play Sci-Fi Space MMORPG based in the popular Star Trek universe. For more information on Delta Rising, be sure to check out the official patch notes here.

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