Star Trek Online Skill System Revamp Explained

The Star Trek Online Skill System Revamp was announced a week ago, but players had lots of questions regarding the exact nature of the changes. To answer their questions, Arc put together a FAQ which addresses some of their most common queries and concerns.

Star Trek Online Skill System Revamp


Last week’s announcement indicated that the way skill points are awarded and spent would be changed, as well as the skills themselves, but gave very little in the way of information regarding what exactly that meant and how it would be implemented. The FAQ clears up a number of ambiguities and explains the reasoning behind the changes; the change is being made to simplify the system and make it easier for players across the experience spectrum to understand, that Respec Tokens will still work exactly as they did before the revamp (and they will even go on sale after the revamp!) and that most traits, items, set bonuses and so on which currently work with or benefit from certain skills will still function identically to how they do now after the revamp. Additionally, the “Crew” mechanic is being removed; ships and abilities will simply function as if the ship had 100% crew at all times.

Players who wish to know more about the impending Star Trek Online skill system revamp should read the original announcement as well as the new FAQ.

Our Thoughts:

Star Trek Online is a fun and popular game, and a big lure of the game (besides being free to play) is the mix of ground and space combat, equipment, and skills. Anything which makes that system more straightforward is probably good for the game; hopefully the revamp simplifies things without adversely impacting play for too many people too much.

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