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Star Wars Battlefront Online Co-Op Coming With Skirmish Mode

The recently announced Skirmish Mode will not be just an offline-only mode after all, as it will also provide Star Wars Battlefront online co-op play.


According to a tweet from DICE designer David Spinnier, Skirmish Mode will allow PC players to enjoy the mode online instead of only allowing offline split-screen for console players. Spinnier later sent another tweet out with details on Skirmish Mode AI and behavior, explaining that they would have a broader selection of weapons, abilities and vehicles, and that rockets would be primarily used as anti-aircraft weaponry.

Our Thoughts

It’s good to know that PC players aren’t going to be utterly locked out from the Skirmish Mode option. Having people play together online in any mode they wish just makes good sense, and it would have been silly for DICE to lock out their PC playerbase. We still want to see more about the next two DLC packs coming later in the year, however.

Your Thoughts

Now that we have confirmation that Skirmish Mode is available for PC players, will you be taking advantage? Or are you simply playing normal battles online and this is much ado about nothing? Let us know in the comments.

Source: WCCF Tech

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