Star Wars Galaxies Comes To An End

We knew it was coming, some cared more than others but we all knew that Star Wars Galaxies was shutting down. That time has passed, the servers have officially shut down and players can no longer access the 8 year running Star Wars MMORPG. In the final days, players fought to end wars, said goodbye to friends and enjoyed their final moments celebrating, laughing and at the same time dreading the end of their favorite online universe.

MMO Games Star Wars Galaxies Bounty Hunters Wallpaper

The wars ended, the Rebel Alliance won across the majority of servers (pathetic!) and the servers fell in to chaos. Massive ships darkened the skies, Jabba the Hutt held a crazy party and players could be transformed in to a giant Rancor. In the final moments however, SOE sent a notification to all the servers preparing players to pick their ‘final location’. The game was saved, frozen in time like Solo in carbonite and will forever remain in this state saved on a server somewhere, sad really. We here at MMOGames will surely miss this MMO (pre-CU at least) and personally it does feel like a small portion of my gaming life is now missing forever.

SOE has gone to great lengths to put together a memory book, a massive online book which can be viewed on the website that captures all the memories of exactly what Star Wars Galaxies was as an MMORPG. This is also complimented with a farewell letter from Producer Tony Tyson who shared his fondest memories in a well-written letter to the community. So what are your fondest memories of SWG? Will you miss it? Let us know in the comments below!

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