The Old Republic

Star Wars The Old Republic Announces Player Housing

BioWare Community Manager Eric Musco has revealed during a recent live stream that they will be implementing player housing for their sci-fi MMORPG called Star Wars: The Old Republic.

A trailer reveals a sneak peek and also confirms what Eric said on the stream, it shows a player character in an apartment in Coruscant with the enticing words: “Welcome Home” written on the screen. As for some details, if you look carefully at the trailer, you can see that there are housing items like a bed, mailbox, bank and some other stuff.

Musco or BioWare haven’t elaborated on the subject, but previously in the 2014 road map blog, the developer did say that the incoming update 2.8 in June would be the biggest in the game’s history.

Here is the trailer, hope you like it!

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