Star Wars: The Old Republic Cancels Tournament Amid Player Concerns

Last week Star Wars: The Old Republic announced they were teaming up with ESL, the biggest eSports group in the world to bring an all new tournament to players. This tournament, Operation Victory, has now been canceled due to an outpouring of concern from players. The tournament was to be timed runs of 5 man encounters. One of the encounters however, Coratanni, has been concerning players for some time. Many of these problems are being addressed in a patch today, however the developers feel that there are still some situations which could have an impact on a team’s timed performance.

SWTOR Shadow of Revan

Community Manager Eric Musco made the announcement yesterday on the official Star Wars: The Old Republic forums and followed it up later with a very brief FAQ.

The original post:

Hey folks,

I will cut right to the chase, we are cancelling our ESL Operation Victory competition. Our reason revolves around the Coratanni encounter. I know many of you raised concerns about the issues related to the encounter, and we agree.

We spent a lot of time this week testing bug fixes to see how viable the fixed version would be in a speed running environment. We have applied improvements to the Coratanni encounter as of tomorrow’s patch but there are still situations that could impact players focused on a timed run.

We thank you for your feedback around the contest and should we decide to do something like this in the future, we will let you know. Also, let us know your feedback on the concept of doing a speedrun contest. As we explore options like this in the future it would be great to know your thoughts.


Answering a few questions later in the day:

I know you guys will have a lot of questions so let me hit some of what has come up so far.

Why not play Temple of Sacrifice?
Two reasons for this. First, it was a numbers game. Only a fraction of the players who are in Ops at 60 are in ToS and so we wanted to make sure the first round was accessible to as many people as possible. Second, our plan was that the finals (the second round) would be played in ToS so that the Revan encounter was a part of the tournament finale.

Why not announce the rules sooner?
We wanted to make sure we knew exactly what we would be playing and how we would be playing it. While we were working on the Coratanni changes, we were hesitant to post any rules.

Why announce the cancellation so late?
We were exhausting everything we could to get the competition in place, to start on time. We didn’t want to pull the plug unless we really felt we had too.


Though the competition may be officially canceled some fans are getting together to run it anyway. These events are being coordinated on Reddit by Senathad from The Bastion (US) and DBSmiley.It is pretty obvious that this event was set to be a popular one, despite the concerns. Hopefully we will see something like it again in the future.

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