Star Wars: The Old Republic is Changing Conquests

Star Wars: The Old Republic is changing things up a bit for their next expansion, Knights of the Fallen Empire. Eric Musco, Community Manager for SWTOR, revealed that some changes will be made to Conquests in the Fallen Empire, and let players know what exactly is being adjusted. Apparently, when the team was looking at Conquests in SWTOR, they noticed that not as many players as they had hoped were completing their personal targets. They then figured out that this was mostly because the targets were too high, as they required more time to complete than many players may have available. Because of this, some target points for rewards have been adjusted in Conquests for the new expansion:

  • All Conquests that previously required 35,000 target points have had that target numbed reduced to 20,000.
  • Titans of Industry will remain at 25,000 target points.
  • Total Galactic War will remain at 50,000 target points.
  • Trade Emporium will remain at 25,000 target points.

Guilds will still compete for the top 10 on each Planet once these targets have been reached, just like they do now.

Star Wars the Old Republic

Another thing that the developers apparently noticed when looking at data and seeing feedback from players, was that many Guilds are primarily using the repeatable Crafting objective to gain points for Conquests. Although it is important to include Crafting as an essential part of the Conquest effort, the objective shouldn’t be the “only best answer” to Conquests. Due to this, the following change is being made: The Objective “Conquest: war Supplies” is no longer repeatable and is set to reward 2,000 Conquest Points for any Conquest that included that objective. 

All of the changes will go into effected when Knights of the Fallen Empire launches.

Source: Star Wars: The Old Republic Forums

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