Starbound Reveals Major Colony Update

2D sandbox RPG Starbound is getting a huge update soon, and it’s all centered around the addition of colonies. Players will soon have the ability to start a colony, by scavenging the universe and gaining different materials to build a home. Once you’ve built places to live, you’ll attract residents. These residents don’t just live there though, they give you rewards as well!


These rewards will differ with each NPC, so you’re always in for a surprise. You can go to Frögg Furnishing to get furniture sets for the houses you build. You’ll have access to different furniture sets every single day, so if there’s nothing you like today; there might be something you’ll like tomorrow. This allows you to create a bunch of different looking houses, each with their own unique appeal. The residents of these houses have more personality than ever, so you’re in for some family drama at least once.

Colonies aren’t the only things being added in the coming update though; there’s a lot more! Such as flag markers, which allow you to mark teleport destinations with flags, and challenge rooms, in which you can test your skills in deadly chambers. This update also expands the inventory and adds sorting and tabs, gives the merchant a new interface, grants improved projectiles and much more! You can see it all (or at least a part of it) in the update trailer below:


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