Steam Customer Review System Updated

Valve rolled out an update for the Steam customer review system aimed at balancing the overall impression players can get out of a game when evaluating the existing ratings and reviews.

From now on, more recent reviews will have priority appearing in the review list. A “recent review score” has also been introduced in addition to the overall score, calculated on the positive percentage of reviews within the past 30 days, providing enough reviews were indeed posted within that timeframe and if the game was available on Steam for at least 45 days.

steam customer review system

Valve admitted that the system in its previous form was not accurate enough. The reviews were ordered by the usefulness rating that other users gave to a particular review. But as we all know, a game can dramatically change in the course of months, between early access and post-launch phases for instance.

Was it fair that users judged a game on ratings and reviews given in a period when very few features were available or the game was really buggy? Not really, hence the need for such a change. However, the system doesn’t take into account the issue of reviews presenting negative opinions of games because of minor issues or being disgruntled with some game features and so on.

steam customer review system update

Go ahead, guess the game…


Our Thoughts:

The new review and rating system is very welcome and needed, that’s a certainty. Although not all users post balanced, objective reviews so the system is still far from being perfect, at least it’s a step in the right direction to make reviews and ratings more helpful. Hopefully there will be more improvements in this direction in the future.

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