Steel Legions Recieves Big Update

Come the 2nd of November, Steel Legions, will release an upgrade called Warfare which will bring a plethora of features and new items. One of the biggest features of the update is the dynamic game map which will have players warring to keep as many of their teams buildings functioning. 

New modules 
Players can now purchase temporary boost items to increase their tanks power. The first tpye of modules introduced in this update are experience modules. Points from these modules can easily be double or trippled to enable really fast leveling. TThese are acquirable by being the Dominator of the match or through achievements. The dominator of the match now also has the oppurtunity to unlock five bonuses from the gold coffer per day.
The new marketplace 
New marketplaces are now open for the empires, allowing players to trade in their hard-earned medals or purchase various premium items and offers. Offers are to be updated and expanded in the coming weeks and months.
New weapons systems 
Engineers now have the chance to play around with the Kinetic Deflector, allowing them to reflect enemy projectiles. The tank being fired on still takes damage, but this update makes teamwork much more effective.
Pilots can now get their hands on the Mazer Cannon which is perfect for disrupting at attackers aim, effectively reducing them to firing at thin air.
New oil refinery 
Oil is the most important resource in Steel Legions, and fighting for the control of it is absolutely neccessary. Teams controlling active oil refineries will recieve regular experience boosters and in turn can equip their units much more swiftly. 
Check out Steel Legions today and jump into the thick of the war! Just hit Play Now! above!

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