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Study: Female MMO Players More Hardcore Than Male Players

A study published in the Journal of Communication reveals that female MMO gamers are actually a little more dedicated (‘hardcore’) than their male counterparts, while being more conciliatory about their involvement with MMO games. The study of more than 7000 Everquest II players revealed some interesting information about female MMO players. While socienty doesn’t seem ready to consider female MMO players more hardcore than male players, of the survey respondents:

  • Female gamers on average logged more hours per week than male players (29 hours vs. 25 hours)
  • Female gamers underestimated their time spent playing more than male players.
  • Male respondents under-reported their estimated time spent playing by about 1 hour/week, whereas female respondents under-reported by about 3 hours. (If we want to sound dramatic, we say that’s a 300% increase.)

According to the study, this is “due either to the generally masculine culture associated with digital games, or because such play takes time away from household activities, for which women are still expected to contribute the greater share.”

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